I am convinced that God is more interested in faith than obedience.  The story of scripture is primary based on a people of faith, not a people of obedience.  That is our lead element in our walk with God:  faith.  Obedience is a “who’s in who’s out” boundary line; faith is a process of growing, stretching, learning, failure, and big dreams.  Obedience, and by direct impact disobedience, drives people away from God because of a sense of being driven by a system.  Faith is in invitation from God Himslef to trust.  Trust and faith are inseparable most of the time.  I want my children to trust me, trust my character, and believe that I am always looking out for their best.  The basis of our relationship with God is the same.  He invites us into a relationship based on Him being a good, loving Father and us being His children.

I hope this isn't God!

I hope this isn't God